Khao Sok


Discover Khao Sok, its ancient jungle, and its wildlife.

Located in Surat Thani province and spanning over 739 km², the lush tropical rainforest of Khao Sok, older than the Amazon rainforest, is a true natural treasure.

It captivates travelers from around the world, particularly with Lake Chiew Larn nestled within, where emerald waters bordered by majestic karst cliffs offer a breathtaking spectacle.

It’s a sanctuary where nature reigns supreme, home to various species including monkeys, hornbills, wild elephants, and occasionally shy creatures like tapirs and Malayan bears.

A place where every moment transforms into a poetic adventure, in the heart of a wild and preserved paradise. If Lake Chiew Larn, whether on a day trip or especially with an overnight stay, is unquestionably the highlight of Khao Sok National Park, a stay in the village of Khao Sok also allows you to enjoy memorable and diverse activities for the whole family!

Our activities in Khao Sok

  • Overnight stay on Chiew Larn Lake
    Overnight stay on Chiew Larn Lake
  • Descent of the Sok River
    Descent of the Sok River
  • Half-day hike & bamboo cooking
    Half-day hike & bamboo cooking
  • Night safari
    Night safari

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